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Tonight's labors

2017-02-11 16:25:39 by BillLava666

I fully intend to stop being a lazy horse corpse and write a new song tonight. Stay tunes true believer.

Sleep Paralysis and Demo Church are up for your displeasure. They are both a year or two old and were hanging around causing far to great a scene in my files so I have decided to release them upon you all so that you too may suffer the way I have suffered. Also keep your eyes open and ear pussies wet for Leeching Life. The first song I will post with real life Bill Lava vocals.

I'm back you assholes!

2016-12-19 17:17:21 by BillLava666

No new tunes coming for a few weeks probably but I have successfully restored this wretched body to life and will  be back to ruining your ear holes as soon as possible.

Hold up in musics

2016-10-09 15:43:04 by BillLava666

Due to a surge in cosmic ghost energies, my version of Fl studios is no longer working. I am currently trying to fix the issue. Hold tight kiddos, the Bill Lava will return to rapture you all.


2016-08-09 19:40:41 by BillLava666

I am attempting to resurrect my bloated aids infested corpse in order to create more sonic filth to ruin peoples day! I hope I can find the right necromantic spells to make this happen. Right now I only exist within the machine.


2016-05-03 12:22:47 by BillLava666

I haven't posted in way too long and I know you are all upset with me but I have AIDS.

New news from the subterranean hate palace!

2016-04-05 16:27:48 by BillLava666

So I am starting to get the insperation bug again and hope to write tons of new madness soon.

I believe the insperation is directly influence by the recent influx of views and interest in my garbage. This is due in no small part to VenomationsTV for scouting me for some reason. Also the drive I gained from constromlie having interest in my shit since day 1. I hope to let you all down asap!


New stuff will be posted intermittently between old songs until I run out. I wont run out of old songs for a long time.


I don't believe in music!

2016-03-10 16:17:27 by BillLava666

It's not real, stop what you are doing and move on. Do what I do and never write music. Create somthing that is the sonic representation of how you are feeling at that moment. Make it for you and only you because no one else will ever truely feel what you felt but every time you listen to it you will remember that feeling and it will make sence no matter how terrible it is. Hell,, someday someone may even enjoy it....... But who cares.

BillLava is all about unrelenting sonic bombardment. In one way or another it will be off putting but if you tough it out the song will eventually come to fruition and make sence.......... I promise......

More music up today. More tomorrow. This batch is mostly panic attack stuff.